English Language


  • To enhance students’ interest in learning
  • To recognize students’ different learning abilities and their interests, and provide them with chances to develop their potential

Major Concerns 2019/2020

  • To enhance mobile learning
  • To reinforce gifted education

Subject Techer

Ho Cham Fong

(Panel Head , S5 co-ordinator and SBA co-ordinator)

Lee Ka Yee

(Assistant Panel Head)

Mr Hannas

(S1–S3 Oral and S1-S2 Language Arts Curriculum designer and co-ordinator)

Cheng Man Fai

(S6 co-ordinator, SBA co-ordinator and IT department head)

Cheung Oi Ying

(S3 co-ordinator)

Chiu Tin Wai

(S2 co-ordinator)

Leung Hoi Shan


Tang Ming Wai

(S4  co-ordinator, SBA co-ordinator and IT department head)

Tsui Siu Hung

(S1 co-ordinator)

Wong Choi Ling

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S4 CLP Meeting
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School Publication
Simile Poems
The Sweetest Family That I Have
by Natalie Yee, 1A

My father is like a peaceful pond,
He is calm and quiet.
Dad is as gentle as a lamp.

My mother is like a horrible volcano,
She is full of energy and scary!
But sometimes, she is as sweet as a charming flower.

My sister is like a little bear,
She is cute and kind.
She is also as fat as a pig!

I am like a monkey,
I am mischievous and funny!
Although I am naughty, I am sometimes as hard-working as a bee!

My Family
By Ng Tsz Mei, Francy 1C

My grandpa is like an owl,
He is wise and intellectual.
And he is as vigorous as a monkey!

My grandma is like an ant,
She is hard-working and gentle.
Sometimes she is as solemn as a teacher.

My father is like Superman,
He is strong and helpful.
Sometimes he is as scary as a tiger!

My mother is like a swan,
She is beautiful and bright.
She is as clean as a rabbit!

I am like a dolphin,
I am naughty and noisy.
And I am as silly as a pig!

My Family
By Mak Wing Sum, Karen 1C

My father is like an elephant,
He is heavy and fat.
But Dad is as dangerous as a crocodile!

My mother is like a cute dog,
She is friendly and helpful.
Mum is as sweet as honey.

My brother is like a giraffe,
He is cool and tall.
He is as hard-working as a bee.

My sister is like a monkey,
She is thin and funny.
She is as talkative as a bird!

I am like a rabbit,
I am active and lovely.
I am also as fast as a tiger!

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