English Language


  • To enhance students’ interest in learning
  • To recognize students’ different learning abilities and their interests, and provide them with chances to develop their potential

Major Concerns 2019/2020

  • To enhance mobile learning
  • To reinforce gifted education


CCC English Camp

Participants at CCC English Su 

Musical watching

4C Nicole Li, Stella Kwok and  

15 elite students joined the talk on ‘How To Act’ on 18 Oct. 2019 and they learnt some useful skills of expressing themselves.

Subject Techer

Ho Cham Fong

(Panel Head , S5 co-ordinator and SBA co-ordinator)

Lee Ka Yee

(Assistant Panel Head)

Mr Hannas

(S1–S3 Oral and S1-S2 Language Arts Curriculum designer and co-ordinator)

Cheng Man Fai

(S6 co-ordinator, SBA co-ordinator and IT department head)

Cheung Oi Ying

(S3 co-ordinator)

Chiu Tin Wai

(S2 co-ordinator)

Leung Hoi Shan


Tang Ming Wai

(S4  co-ordinator, SBA co-ordinator and IT department head)

Tsui Siu Hung

(S1 co-ordinator)

Wong Choi Ling

Professional Development
Talk on i-learner
S4 CLP Meeting
CL Workshop
School Publication
Simile Poems
The Sweetest Family That I Have
by Natalie Yee, 1A

My father is like a peaceful pond,
He is calm and quiet.
Dad is as gentle as a lamp.

My mother is like a horrible volcano,
She is full of energy and scary!
But sometimes, she is as sweet as a charming flower.

My sister is like a little bear,
She is cute and kind.
She is also as fat as a pig!

I am like a monkey,
I am mischievous and funny!
Although I am naughty, I am sometimes as hard-working as a bee!

My Family
By Ng Tsz Mei, Francy 1C

My grandpa is like an owl,
He is wise and intellectual.
And he is as vigorous as a monkey!

My grandma is like an ant,
She is hard-working and gentle.
Sometimes she is as solemn as a teacher.

My father is like Superman,
He is strong and helpful.
Sometimes he is as scary as a tiger!

My mother is like a swan,
She is beautiful and bright.
She is as clean as a rabbit!

I am like a dolphin,
I am naughty and noisy.
And I am as silly as a pig!

My Family
By Mak Wing Sum, Karen 1C

My father is like an elephant,
He is heavy and fat.
But Dad is as dangerous as a crocodile!

My mother is like a cute dog,
She is friendly and helpful.
Mum is as sweet as honey.

My brother is like a giraffe,
He is cool and tall.
He is as hard-working as a bee.

My sister is like a monkey,
She is thin and funny.
She is as talkative as a bird!

I am like a rabbit,
I am active and lovely.
I am also as fast as a tiger!

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