The Education Bureau announced that schools in Hong Kong can resume classes in a gradual and orderly manner. According to this announcement, our school has the following arrangements:


Classes in our school will resume according to the following schedule: (Please refer to Parent App.)

* Before class resumption, S.1-S.2 will continue live streaming classes till 5 June (Friday).

* 在復課前,中一至中二級仍繼續推行實時網上課堂至6月5日(星期五)。

2. Before class resumption, the campus remains open to look after students who have to come back to school. The campus opens from Monday to Friday (9:00am-4:00pm) and closes on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
在復課前,校舍會保持開放以照顧有需要回校的同學,開放時間為星期 一至五,每日由早上9:00至下午4:00,公眾假期及星期六、日不開放。
3. Before class resumption, classrooms on the 1st floor are opened for self-study. Students are expected to stay at home to study. If students have to go to school, when entering into the campus, they should take body temperature checking, wear a mask and wash hands with liquid soaps to maintain good hygiene, personal and environmental health.
4. Before class resumption, all tutoring, extra classes and extra-curricular activities are cancelled.
5. If students come back to Hong Kong from the Mainland or other countries, they should strictly comply with the preventive measures implemented by the government.
6. Our school is very concerned about students' physical and mental health. Needed students can contact our school (24750331) and give the name and way of contact. Guidance teachers or school social workers will follow up as soon as possible.
We will renew the contingency arrangements regularly. Parents should check the school news and e-circulars delivered through the Parent App. For enquiries, please contact the school office 24750331 during the office hour (9:00am-4:00pm).
學校會定時更新應變措施,請家長留意Parent App內的信息及通告。若有任何疑問,可於辦公時間 (9:00am-4:00pm) 致電校務處24750331查詢。
English Learning is highly valued

Starting from the 2010/11 school year, ALL Secondary One classes in our school have been adopting English as the medium of instruction.
New Playground

School Feature
Our school highly values the learning of English.
14 subjects at Junior Secondary levels adopt English as
the medium of instruction.
These subjects are :
English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computer Literacy, History, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Music, Home Economics.



Learning English is fun