Extra Curricular Activity Committees


  • To help students fully utilize their leisure time and enjoy life.
  • To enable students to strive for a balance between study and other activities in school.
  • To nurture students’ team spirit, self-discipline and sense of responsibility.
  • To enrich students’ general knowledge and broaden their horizons by taking part in extra- curricular activities.

Major concerns

  • To foster positive lifestyles in students.
  • To encourage students to serve the community.
  • To broaden student’s horizons and learning experiences.


Mr. Chan Ho Yin (Chairperson)
Ms. Cheng Pui Ki (Assistant)
Mr. Lee Siu Fai
Ms. Che Sui Ping
Ms. Wong Suk Yee
Ms. Cheung Yuen Fun


Event Teacher(s)-in
School picnic HY Chan, SY Wong
Data input HY Chan, PK Cheng
School clubs HY Chan, SP Che(P.E.),
SF Lee (Arts & interests),
YF Cheung (Academic),
SY Wong (Service)
Inter- house activities HY Chan, PK Cheng
Large-scale activities All members
Publicity SF Lee, H Y Chan

Inter-house Sports Day Mascot design competition
Champion: Blue house

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