School Information


CCC Kei Yuen College is under the supervision of the Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC) so the design of the badge is similar to other schools of the council.

The badge is shield-shaped which looks simple but with rich religious meaning.
The badge is divided into four grids with different symbols and each one represents different meaning.

The symbol in the top left grid is an open bible with the Greek words “Jesus is the Christ”, symbolizes the creed of Christianity.

The symbol in the top right grid is a cross. The cross with four fire-shaped ends is called Nestorian Cross. It is a symbol of Christianity of the east.

The symbol in the bottom right grid is the interconnected three “Cs”. It stands for The Church of Christ in China (CCC).

The symbol in the bottom left grid is the seal with the school name written in Chinese script. The ribbon is the name of our school in English.


``We will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is Christ.``

(Ephesians 4:15)




CCC Kei Yuen College is a Christian grammar school founded by the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC) in 1982. Inheriting the spirit of “Serving & Preaching through Schooling” from HKCCCC and following God’s words “Together we grow in Him”, we endeavour to provide students with quality whole-person education.

We strive to establish a happy learning environment where students could have all-round development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetics and spiritual aspects. We recognize and put special attention to students’ individuality and provide them with abundant opportunities to develop their individual potential so that they could grow up into teenagers who treasure themselves, cherish others and love God.