Home Economics

◼ To nurture skills for an independent life and positive attitude, in order to develop students’ potential
◼ To help students understand their roles and responsibilities in their families
◼ To cultivate students to make personal contributions in group life, and encourage them to cooperate with others to create a harmonious community life
Major Concerns
To cater for learner diversity: To enhance mobile learning
To foster positive lifestyles:
◼ To nurture positive attitude in students
◼ To enhance students’ spirit of service
To encourage cross-curricular learning:
◼ To help students extend and construct knowledge, in order to develop their generic skills

S.3 Cookery examination

S.3 Adolescent health for secondary student

S.2 Voluntary Service – Making handkerchief presents

S.2 English Fundraising Cookies Activity

Creative Fun Day

Subject Techer

Chan Chi Hing

(Panel Head)
Home Economics Room