Cross-curricular Learning Committee


The objectives of the Cross-curricular Learning Committee are as follows:

  1. To facilitate students in engaging in self-regulated learning, cross-curricular learning, and e-learning through the HKUxCCCKYCxCoursera MOOCs for All Programme.
  2. To promote self-regulated learning (SRL) by utilizing e-learning courses provided by learning resources and technologies available on e-learning platforms.
  3. To enhance cross-curricular learning by integrating the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and English Reading across the Curriculum (ERaC).
  4. To implement inquiry-based learning (IBL) strategies, encouraging students to transform ideas into formalized understanding and fostering a culture of ongoing questioning.
  5. To cultivate students’ creativity, critical thinking abilities, 21st-century skills, and global citizenship.

Major concerns

  1. To foster proactive and self-regulated learners with HKUxCCCKYCxCoursera MOOC for All Scheme
  2. To promote a strong reading ambience by introducing SRL ERaC Reading Lab and Literature Out Loud programmes
  3. To create an international vibe and facilitate cross-curricular collaboration in our school with the introduction of CCCKYC Global Week


Tony Wei (Chairperson),
Y.L. Pui (STEAM),(Vice-chairperson) ,
W.S. Chan, (PSHE) (Vice-chairperson),
W.L. Chu (ARTS), M.W. Tang (ENG),
L.Y. Tang (CHIN), S.Y. Lam (SCI),
C.T. Choi (MATH), W.L. Lee (TECH),
Y.W. Cheung (PE), Y.L. Wong (LIB),
ex-off.: C.M. Leung


1.  Providing MOOCs to promote Gifted Education for All

MOOC Development in CCC Kei Yuen College

MOOC Scholars

CCCKYC are working with HKU Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC) and Coursera for the first school-based MOOCs curriculum in K-12 context.

Starting from 2021, over 100 students from CCCKYC have completed at least one MOOC from world-renowned institutes like Harvard University, Yale University, Imperial College London, Stanford University, Princeston University, and HKU.

Support for Students

All S.3 and S.4 students were invited to participate in the MOOC Initiative. Their progress is monitored by the Coursera system. A MOOC Booklet would be provided for students to explore MOOCs. As the programme is funded by HKU and Coursera, each student can attain four free MOOC certificates issued by top universities.

2. Introducing SRL Lab to promote ERaC and STEAM

3. CCCKYC Global Classroom Open Class

By conducting open classes, a platform is provided for underprivileged students the opportunities to explore different cultures and traditions, broaden their horizons, and develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of the world.

4. Signature English Programmes Introduced in CCCKYC

Overview of Cross-curricular Learning in CCCKYC

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