• To help students understand how natural environments influence human
    activities, and how human activities alter natural environments.
  • To provide trainings to help students effectively select, use and analyse
    appropriate geographical and generic skills for investigating geographical questions and issues.
  • To recognise the role of perceptions, values and attitudes in decision-making
    about through different learning activities.

Major Concerns

  • To cater for learner diversity: Mobile learning for the analysis and interpretation of geographical information to gifted students at different levels
  • To enhance life planning education: Field studies courses and events to help enriching their academic or career aspirations


Planning Department Outreach Programme

Cheung Chau Field Camp

Guangzhou Field Trip – Smart City Competition

Hoi Hai Wan Field Trip

Kyoto Oversea Field Trip

Experimental Farm in JapanExchange programme in Kyoto, Japan

Subject Techer

Chiu Yuen Han

(Panel Head)

Ng Chung Win


Wong Yuk Lin

Year Plan
Year Report