• To create an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring.
  • To help students establish a positive value system and set meaningful life goals.
  • To foster the development of students by strengthening their mind and body as a way to prepare them for becoming healthy and productive adults leading a balanced life.

Major concerns

  • To foster positive attitudes
  • Promotion of comprehensive sex education
  • Support for students with special education needs (SEN)
  • To cater for learner diversity


Hui Yu Yuk
Chan Kam Chau
Tung Chun Chun
Lau Wai Man
Tang Lai Yung
Yiu Wing Man
Tsang Wai Nam
Tsang Cheuk Kwan
Ho Ho Leung
School Counselling Consultant

Regular work

  1. Developmental
    Integrated Education/ Parents day activities / sex education
  2. Preventive
    BBBS / Special functions
  3. Remedial
    Case management / Group work

Social worker

There are two social workers in the school (Monday – Friday). They take part in casework service, groups and programmes, consultation services, and co-ordination and mobilisation on non-school based community resources.
They help students with their personal, family and interpersonal relationship or schooling problems and develop their potentials to the fullest, achieve healthy personal growth, attain adequate and proper school education, establish harmonious human relationships and elicit their concern for the community.

Other Support

  • The education psychologist holds social skills group meetings for SEN students. He teaches them social skills and emotion management and offers individual support upon request.
  • School-based Speech Therapy Service covers the domains of prevention, intervention and development, assists schools, teachers and parents in supporting students with SLI.
  • In collaboration with the Hospital Authority, our school has launched the “Student Mental Health Support Scheme” since the 19/20 school year to provide appropriate support services for students with mental health needs through a school-based platform.
  • Clinical psychologist serves the MI students in need.

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