Information and Technology Committees


  • To manage and support Web SAMS to facilitate school administration.
  • To develop and maintain school based computer applications.
  • To manage school computer network.
  • To provide staff with training to keep them abreast of the latest technology.
  • To promote IT to students and strengthen their information processing abilities.
  • To manage the computing resources and information facilities in school, maintaining an environment conducive to effective teaching, learning and management.
  • To help parents understand the advantages of using IT in education.

Major concerns

  • To revamp the school website.
  • To promote mobile learning.
  • To reinforce gifted education


Lee Wai Lit
Cheng Ho Kwun
Lin Chak Fai
Sham Cassino
Lee Ka Man
(Office Staff)
Lee Yung Pan
Wong Gwan Pak

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