S1 Conservation Services

Cleaning Beaches and Country Parks

S2 Caring Services

Serving the Elderly
Respecting the elderly has been a deeply valued virtue of Kei Yuen College.  After learning the proper attitudes and skills when being with the elderly, S2 students apply what they have learnt in a joyful afternoon with members from Mrs. Wong Tung Yuen District Elderly Community Centre.

S3 Experiential Services

Hunger Banquet and Community Experience Day
“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Our S3 students understand the local poverty problems in our community through a series of activities in class.  After having a simple meal at Hunger Banquet, they share self-designed “lucky bags” and bring blessings to the needy in our neighbourhood.  Parents and teachers also show their support through various means.  Students cherish this experience a lot as they realize their small deeds can make a difference to the others.

S4 Community Services

Flag Selling Day and Visit the Elderly

S5 School Services and Community Services

Student Union, School Prefects, House Officials, Elder Academy Tutors and Visit the Elderly

S6 Graduation Run